We’d love to hear from our racers! What did you think about the event? Any suggestions for the 2016 event? Comment below, and thanks again for being part of KOTM.

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12 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. 2015 was the first time racing KOTM for me. I am an avid runner/biker and participate in many races within our region annually.

    KOTM was by far the most exciting, fun and challenging race that I’ve participated in.
    I can’t wait for next years challenge!

    My son also raced along side many of his friends this year and they all had a total blast and plan on it next year as well.


  2. i love the king of the mountain race! its such a fun race to do and to train for. it really pushes athletes to their limits! I love that you offer both individual and team races, but next year I hope there is more individual racers that participate.

  3. I had a great time but except for on last obstacle getting my balance on the balance beams. They were very high and slippery after going after other competitors. If there was a step or a sturdy pole to help get up on the beams would relive some frustration. My wife also noticed countless people have the same issue.

  4. This was my second time for KOTM. I was not disappointed. Well organized, great obstacles, and good people helping out. Planning on next year already.

  5. It was Awesome!!! The course tested your endurance but the obstacles were totally doable. I can’t wait for next year! Typically what I see at these kinds of races is some sort of make shift shower area to be able to rinse off which is nice when you have an hour and a half drive home.

  6. King of the Mountain was so much fun! It was definitely challenging, but too mcuh – I loved seeing people of all ages and fitness levels competing. The hills were the worst part… I might suggest a couple tougher obstacles next year. I also heard some people commenting about age brackets for the categories, but I thought the divisions were fine – who wants to spend an hour going through that many people on the podium!?!

    Thanks for all of your efforts with this race. It was a blast, and our team has already decided to come back next year. See you on the mountain!

  7. Brutal!

    As always, an awesome and challenging event! I enjoyed the tweaks made to the course this year, specifically the paintball station. Keep up the good work and I’ll be back next year!

    Matt Hurd

  8. KOTM testimonial……
    While on a run with one of my sons last July 2014, I shared with him that I’ve been wanting to do a “mom style boot camp”. To see if I could do 0.0000001 percent of what my boys do?! Navy EOD and Recon MARINE – Yes, I am very proud Mom! That week on local news, I saw the story about King of the Mountain Challenge – my opportunity for a one hour boot camp. So I decided to give it a try and signed up. At 52yrs, I completed the course in 1:09:55, passed on 2 obstacles. IT WAS VERY HARD, BUT I DID IT! I entered last year scared, but this year I was excited to do it again. My goal was to better my time and do all obstacles. How did I do this year? I completed my “mom boot camp” in 59.21 (10min better), and passed only one obstacle – damn you rope wall, I will make you mine next year!
    KOTM has been a great physical and mental challenge for this lady and plan to return to the mountain in 2016!

  9. This is a great event for people of all levels of fitness. It can be used as a competitive goal or a fun day with friends to be challenged together. I personally appreciate all of the work that goes into making sure it’s challenging but user friendly to those who may not do these things on a regular basis. The money goes to three great causes and it brings awareness to Veteran needs. Thank you for another great event- I look forward to next year!

  10. As a parent of one of the students who was on the Great Lakes Maritime Academy Team for the King of the Hill race, I wanted to personally thank you for their sponsorship. We drove 5 hours to watch the boys compete, and it was priceless. They made a strong finish and were great community stewards. You selected the right team. Your sponsorship was greatly appreciated.

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