Event Details

CHECK-IN DATES: All athletes who have not registered online and are checking in at Mt. Holiday, please try to register on Friday from 4-8. Saturday registration is 9-11am and should be only for last minute entries. If at all possible please register online.

START LINE/FINISH LINE: Staging (11:45 am) at the start line. To eliminate potential accidents at the start of the race we ask that all “expert” athletes line-up at the front of the start line with less experienced and beginner athletes lining up towards the back. For 2015 there will be 2 wavestarts spaced 15 minutes apart (or less depending on the number of athletes):

WAVE 1: Lone Warriors

WAVE 2: Recon Teams

Wave 3: Young Warriors (1PM)

*We may add more waves. This will be determined by the final number of registered athletes.

 All grunts (competitors) will report at the announcers podium for a riders meeting at 11:30am SHARP-WITHOUT FAIL.

 The event will be chip timed with mats in one location: the start/finish line.

Recon Teams are encouraged to supply their own team jerseys or outfits (i.e. with your sponsor’s name/logo). Proper running/climbing shoes are encouraged. Gloves are recommended (there are a lot of tiny annoying burrs on the course). You will be crawling through a mud pit and getting wet. For sure bring a change of clothes for post-race activities.

All competitors and spectators are asked to park @ Mt. Holiday, Burger King, and Walgreens. Everyone is encouraged to ride a bike to the event. We will have plenty of bike racks on Mt. Holiday property.

 Awards ceremony will take place immediately following the final finishing participant when all the race data is processed. The 3 top finishers for Male and Female Recon team will receive a trophy. The 3 top finishers for Male and Female Lone Warriors will receive a trophy. The top 3 finishers for COED Recon teams will receive a trophy. Everyone will receive a “King of the Mountain” Medal that will be placed around their neck at the finish line. The traveling “Diabolical Cup” will be given to the winning Military Team.

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 September in Northern Michigan can bring any type of weather so be prepared for clear blue skies and 85 degrees, or cool rain and fog. The race start will not be delayed for any weather related reason unless there is severe lightening visible in the area, which would most likely pass quickly. Be ready for the start of the race at noon regardless of rain or fog. If there is a delay it will be in 15 minute increments and announced at the event site and on our Facebook page.

 Finally, we encourage you to train so you can test your mettle. There will be giveaways, “mini-challenges”, and entertainment before, during, and after the 2015’s KOTM. This military course is a spectators sport. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family to cheer you on. The base of the mountain and finish line will be exciting to watch and Mt. Holiday is an excellent place to spend a fall day. The event site will include a beer pub and great food for spectators and athletes. All food and beverage sales will benefit Mt. Holiday.

No refunds will be given for any reason. Multiple organizations are involved in the registration process and due to the preparation necessary to operate a smooth event, there will be no refunds or exchanges after your online registration is complete. We are not responsible for late arrivals and hold the right to refuse any entry after staging/transition area is closed. Please respect the event management and volunteers, profanity will not be tolerated, along with any type of littering. Automatic Disqualification to any athlete that throws any type of refuse on the course at any point. We ask that you please leave clean tracks and put garbage in the designated bins (we are striving for a “Zero Waste” event for 2015!). We ask that the more experienced athletes’ line-up at the front of the pack for the start.


-Practice various on terrains. KOTM has a lot of uphill/downhill sections. The more experience you have with uphill/downhill the more prepared you will be.

-Dress for the weather. If it is a colder day wear layers, gloves, hat, etc.

-Learn the course. View the course map and head out to Mount Holiday and conduct recon. See what we are up to.

-Practice the obstacles. Key in on the obstacles that are going to give you a problem.

-Work on your endurance. The average athlete will take an hour to complete the course. Having enough gas in your tank to complete the course is important!